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Jewellery Repairs in Edmonton, AB

At Forest of Jewels, we understand the value of fine jewellery. Our expert staff, including on-site gemologists and goldsmiths, know exactly how to restore your finest pieces to their original beauty. We offer a wide variety of services including jewellery repair, cleaning, and appraisals, all in one convenient location.


We know that fine watches are timeless heirlooms. Our technicians can perform simple or complex repairs, as well as provide maintenance and battery replacement. We are able to service many brands in our store, but if necessary we can also assist in sending your watch to the manufacturer’s service department for special services or parts.


Our on-site goldsmiths can provide all types of jewellery fabrication and repair. We work on gold, silver and platinum jewellery and offer services such as chain soldering and jewellery restyling. We are equipped to handle extensive repairs and we pay close attention to detail in all of our work.


You have the perfect ring, and now you just need it to be a perfect size! Resizing your ring is not a problem at Forest of Jewels. We are able to make your ring larger or smaller to meet your needs. Most rings can be sized up to two sizes larger or smaller. To make a ring smaller we usually remove a portion of the band, then solder, polish and smooth the ring. To increase a ring’s size, we may either stretch the ring or cut it and solder in additional metal, depending on how much the size of the ring needs to be increased. Visit our store and we will help you determine the perfect fit for your ring.